Pole Pro

The Pole Pro difference…

We aim to introduce people to an atypical fitness/dance routine that is maintainable, exciting and affordable. From the wide selection of fitness and dance classes to the supportive, encouraging environment, Pole Pro will create a positive experience that will keep you coming back.

Brief History of Pole Dancing

Mallakhamb, a gymnastic form of exercise from India, is the most ancient and primitive form of modern pole  fitness. Competitors would show their strength and agility by performing poses and feats on a wooden pole. In  English, Mallakhmb translates into Pole Gymnastics and dates back over 800 years.  Modern pole dancing only dates back to the late 1800’s. During the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 a  provocative dance, similar to Bump n’ Grind, became popular. The dancers became known as the ‘Hoochie  Coochie Dancers.’  Later, during the American Depression, traveling fairs moved from town to town entertaining the crowds. Many of the fairs were held inside tents that were supported by one pole in the center. Provocative dancers began to  incorporate the pole into their routines, which evolved into the type of erotic dance performed in gentlemen’s clubs.  Today, the two have been combined making a truly unique and challenging form of exercise and dance.