24 Reasons Why Pole Dancing Classes Are The Best Kept Secret in Fitness and Wellness

You may have seen a studio in your area offering pole dancing classes.

“That sounds interesting, but it’s not for me”, you thought once.  Another time you passed it, you may have thought “I wonder what kind of craziness happens in there?“  Perhaps you’ve already tried it once, and are looking for more reasons to go back.  Just maybe you’re looking for the perfect bachelorette party and are tired of the same-old.  Well, this list is for you. We’ve taken the liberty of cataloging 24 reasons why pole dancing classes are an amazing idea for anyone.

So, without further adieu, here’s the list!

 1) Lose weight

Let’s face it, we all have a few pounds we’d like to shed. Burning 400+ calories in a workout that’s actually fun is the perfect way to do it. Flip the script on that boring treadmill!

2) Tone your muscles

You won’t just be burning calories with a pole dancing class workout, you’ll be shaping and toning those muscles as well. This means not only will you lose weight, you’ll look more physically fit and muscular (in a feminine way).

3) It’s sensual

After you become experienced, you’ll learn that there’s something utterly hypnotic about the human connection with the pole. Once you become one with it, it’s almost as if it becomes part of you. It’s hard to put into words, but you’ll understand it when you get to that level.

4) It can help you bond with your friends

Sometimes it gets old always talking about “the good old days” with your friends. Pole dancing classes are the perfect way to make some new memories instead of always talking about the exciting times you used to have together.

5) You can meet new friends

The pole community is very supportive to newcomers. After a few sessions, don’t be surprised if you start to make a few new friends along the way. Or you can be the support for another newcomer once you become a little more experienced! 

6) Pole dancing can help you earn money

If you get really good at it, you might have a future in teaching others how to do it. Also, there’s talk of it being an Olympic sport which can earn athletes money for medals earned and company endorsements. WAIT UP, what did you think we meant by earning money?

7) It’s good for your mind to learn new skills

Don’t just exercise your body, exercise your mind by doing something totally different. Mastering new skills is one of the best things you can do to keep your mind and problem-solving skills sharp.

8) It’s challenging

The experts make it look easy, but at first it can definitely be challenging. The good thing about challenging skills is that they are the most rewarding. And that’s reason enough to go for it. It’s a confidence and self esteem booster.

9) Surprise your husband or significant other

Imagine the look of shock, intrigue, and sheer jaw-dropping looks you’ll get when surprising your special someone with your newly-learned pole dancing skills.

10) Surprise yourself at all your new capabilities

Why worry about what anything else thinks? Do it for yourself, for your health, for your mind, and for your overall enjoyment. When you finally accomplish a move that you never thought you’d be able to do, you’ll understand.

11) It’s unique

There something to be said about things that are unique. People flock to New Orleans from all over the world because of it’s uniqueness. New Orleans is to cities as Pole Dancing is to fitness. Without uniqueness, the world would just be too…. boring.

12) It’s taboo

Uptight folks might not approve of this kind of fitness, and that’s ok. The truth is that if they tried it, they’d probably love it. But that’s their loss. Don’t make it yours.

13) It’s sexy

A flawlessly-executed sexy pole dance can certainly set a certain mood.

 14) Perfect for bachelorette parties, birthdays, & GNOs

There’s something about pole dancing that just brings you and your friends together. Any celebration is better with a pole dancing session. From GNOs (girls nights out!) to the an epic bachelorette celebration, it’s a good way to ensure a ridiculously fun night. It’s an amazing start for any night out…or the perfect ender!

15) Anyone can do it

You don’t have to be in shape to participate in pole dancing classes, or even considered “thin”. You don’t need a high fitness level, either. We’ve seen everything at our studio: parents, doctors, nurses, even senior citizens. You also don’t need a dance or fitness background to try it out! 

16) It’ll make you less shy

Improving your confidence level will make you more attractive. Broaden your horizons and squash those inhibitions. It will push you outside your comfort zone…but in a good way!

17) It’ll improve your flexiblilty

There are lots of  benefits to flexibility including decreased risk of injury, better posture, better overall health, and help blood cells and nutrients reach soft tissues. If those aren’t things aren’t convincing enough for you, it can help reduce lower back pain.

18) It’ll improve your coordination

Improved coordination can help in pretty much anything you do, from dancing at a club to driving.

19) It’s fun

It’s. just. freaking. FUN! When was the last time you said that about your workout? It’s more fun than a gym, that’s for sure.

20) It’ll make you stronger

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself flexing more often because you can’t believe how firm your arms have gotten.

21) There’s a competitive scene

Competitive pole dancing brings pole athletes together for amazing events. If you have a competitive itch, you can definitely scratch it with “Pole Sports”.

22) Spouses won’t mind watching the kids while you go

For some reason, spouses don’t complain so much about you going to pole dance class. Woohoo, take a break from the kids!

23) Knock it off your bucket list

Admit it, you’ve always wondered what pole dancing is like or how hard it really is. Only one way to find out. Let’s be honest: all of our clocks are a-tickin’!

24) Be spontaneous – just do it already!

If someone were to call you a “Predictable Pam”, would they be correct? Don’t be a Predictable Pam. This is your first step to becoming predictably unpredictable. Do it!

Yeah, we’re wondering if it’s possible for anyone not to want to try pole dancing classes after seeing those 24 reasons. If you have anything to add or any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks for taking the time to read this list, and we’ll see you in class!